What Brings Fiverr Team Toward the World's Leading Freelancing Marketplace?

Fiverr Leader

From a fixed idea to a listed company with a market valuation of almost 700 million dollars – in 10 years. Today, Fiverr is the one-stop-shop for businesses looking for freelance services from graphic design to web programming.

"We are on a mission – we want to change the way the world works together."

Micha Kaufman 

Fiverr's Vision

Fiverr aimed to create a world where individuals and companies could access the best and most diverse talent in a matter of minutes. Similar to an eBay for creatives, clients could purchase digital services, such as logo design, web design, or copywriting, online quickly, transparently, and reliably, like on Amazon. 

Fiverr's Concept

In 2010, Fiverr launched its first version, less than nine months after the initial concept, and has since grown into one of the most renowned freelance platforms globally. On average, clients can find the service they need in 15 minutes from their initial contact with the website to booking the right freelancer, compared to three weeks offline. 

Fiverr's Success

Fiverr's success may also be attributed to its alignment with the zeitgeist of our changing society, where highly qualified workers seek more flexibility, freedom, and control over their work and clients. Fiverr's platform provides exactly that, making it poised to revolutionize the ever-growing freelancer market, similar to Airbnb's individual accommodation business and Uber's ride-hailing.

"Freelancers make Fiverr's team. Here we introduce some Freelancers."

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